18 September, 2008

Video: "Autobot,transform!" -- Citreon's Advertisements

Transformer is really a good source for promos ~ XD

13 September, 2008

Video: Advertisement of MINI Cooper Clubman (funny)

little flies and MINI Cooper ~

" At a fly funeral, a fly priest is holding an emotional sermon about the life and death of Zac, a member of the fly community. "

" The priest highlights Zac's death - a sensational death, the best death any fly could wish for: dying on the front-grille of a MINI Clubman. "

Video: "Quantum of Solace & Coke Zero" Trailer

The Coca-Cola Company and "007" Team worked together to show us a interesting trailer(could be an advertisement) about Quantum of Solace(the 22nd "007" movie) and Coca-Cola ~

Quantum of Solace will be shown on November 14th in North America.

09 September, 2008

Video: 500万伏特电击棒真人实验

O_o 真的假的呀???!!! 不过男主角长得真搞笑呀~ 哈哈......

05 September, 2008

Video: 汗! 巨“无敌”的越南版《西游记》和《还珠格格》

O_o 雷到山崩地裂~ 囧到海枯石烂~ (貌似言过了, 嘿嘿)




01 September, 2008

Video: New Trailer of Meizu M8 (Recorded by J.Wong)

At the beginning, Meizu M8 was called a clon of iPhone, but it got some different UI now.

Why is M8's release always deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelayed ?
Just for promotion and campaign ?