27 August, 2008

Video: The Wolrd of LOVE

Through the Google Earth, we can find variety of loving heart. Some of them are natural, and the others are man made.
Any way, we live in a world, which is surrounded by love !

Picture: World Map of IM Users

Which IM software do you currently use ?

For me, QQ, MSN, GTalk, Skype are standing by ~

Via: EQO.com

23 August, 2008

Picture: World Map for Tracing the Most Famous Trips in the World

For life, treasure, land, market, railway and so on, our human beings had finished a variety of trips. These famous trips let us know more about our earth and make our life more better.

This picture is combined by the most famous trips in the world.
Click link to see the flash : HERE

(I'm so proud of "The Old Silk Road" and "Search for The Yangtze River SRC".)

22 August, 2008

Video: Photosynth Demo (Powered by Microsoft)

What's that? Let's look at the clip below:

Go to: Photosynth.net and experience this amazing technology.

Science makes our life more beautiful and easy ~

21 August, 2008

Video: Innovative Band (Powered by Microsoft Surface)

What can we do if we own the Microsoft Surfaces ? How about building a band ?
Let's look at the clips ~


Drum Set:

Video: Wrath of The Lich King (New Trailer on Leipzig Games Convention)

Blizzard showed us a now trailer about Wrath of The Lich King on Leipzig Games Convention.
I like the Frost Wyrm in the clip ~

Mmm... When it's released, my classmates who are addicted to WOW will get new missions.
They are MAD lol... ( I cannot understand O_o )

Video: Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing Movie (promotional)

Wow ~ Maybe it could be the one can beat iPhone O_o The clip is very interesting.


20 August, 2008

09 August, 2008

Picture: 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

I'm so proud of my country !

(I repent that I was sleeping in that remarkable time lol...)

I found these photos from HERE .

01 August, 2008