27 June, 2008

Video: Exciting RC Helicopter

Mmm...  "Practice makes perfect! "

24 June, 2008

Video: Amazing Rainbow

It's the first time I see the rainbow in U of R  ^_^  It's the most beautiful one I have seen !

(Ugh ! My iphone's camera is terrible @_@ )

Video: Oral Imitation Master O_o

Just a joke ......

23 June, 2008

Video: Be Happy

Any problem ? Don't be mad @_@

Look at these babies ^_^   Calm down, buddy. Just be happy ~~~

22 June, 2008

Video: Two Crazy Fighting Russian Grandmas

Oh...  Do not try to rile these grandmas...  O_o

18 June, 2008

17 June, 2008

Picture: Storm is Coming

How do the residents feel ?

Click the picture to see the original one ^_^

Video: Who Are The Murderers ?

^_^ A game for your mind

13 June, 2008

Picture: World Map of Global Prison Population


The data comes from official government sources.

Click the picture to see the original one ^_^

10 June, 2008

Video: Game of Dozen Nails

It's a simple physical theory  ^_^

uTorrent got 1000GB ^_^

Should I celebrate for this meaningful time ?

09 June, 2008

Picture: War In The World of Software

Click the picture to see the large one ^_^

Video: Popcorn Made by Signal of Cellphone

It is horrible!  lol......   I wanna throw my cellphone @_@

08 June, 2008

Happy Dragon Boat Festival !!!

Happy Dragon Boat Festival ! My parents, my friends and my classmates ^_^

Today is one of Chinese traditional festivals -- Dragon Boat Festival.  Did you eat rice dumplings ?

PS: I like eating the rice dumlpings within salted eggs ^_^ 

07 June, 2008

Video: What is a Friend?

A friend is someone who will compliment you.

A friend will cheer you up when you’re sad.

A friend will let you win sometimes.

A friend will remember your birthday.

A friend is fun to be with.

A friend will make you smile.

06 June, 2008

Video: Two Cute Marmots

When I was waiting for No. 4 bus in Riddel Centre, I found these cute marmots ^_^

PS: iPhoneVideoRecord is one of the perfect apps I'm using on iPhone.