12 March, 2008

Video: Flashlight ? FMG-9(submachine gun) !

This thing ordinarily disguised as a flashlight. A touch of a button lets you pull a Megatron and flip out a fully-functional submachine gun. If you don't want either, the whole thing can folds into a back-pocket sized brick.

As the demo dude says, if it "gets nasty, get down to business." It's EASY ......

Magpul FMG-9 平常就像一只大号点的手电筒,但如果你“在溜狗、倒垃圾、去信箱拿信时碰到任何问题”,只需一个小按钮,它就会马上弹开变成一只轻机枪。枪本身是一只标准的 Glock。如果你嫌拿着碍事儿,可以把手电筒的部份拿掉,变成一块黑色的长方形的板砖放在裤子口袋里“随时应付突发状况”。

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