28 March, 2008

Twitter ^_^

I joined twitter today. My address is twitter.com/wao1201 .

I will be glad about you joining in twitter and follow me.  ^_^

24 March, 2008

Video: Show of iPhone Drummer

Amazing Phone, Interesting App(Drummer) ^_^

Tomorrow Is Another Day

I am so sad today because I failed my last semester. My study plan is ruined totally.

In contrast, it means a new future is coming. I must be ready for it!

PS: ESL is shit and hell, definetely.

Video: Safety = Life

In 2010, motorcycle gear manufacturer Dainese will release protective suits outfitted with airbags.

The players' lives could be protected from some accidents.

19 March, 2008

Video: Big Dog(Robot) form Boston Dynamics

Big Dog is, the most herrible robot I have saw, beening developed by Boston Dynamics.

It walk and run as humans.  It can easily walk in many poor conditions like icy road or ramp. Although it is hit by humans, it can keep being in a balance.

I think it will be realized very soon that  the robots will join the wars in the future. Robots will not only show their skills in Sci-Fi movies, but also show them in the real world.

13 March, 2008

12 March, 2008

Video: Flashlight ? FMG-9(submachine gun) !

This thing ordinarily disguised as a flashlight. A touch of a button lets you pull a Megatron and flip out a fully-functional submachine gun. If you don't want either, the whole thing can folds into a back-pocket sized brick.

As the demo dude says, if it "gets nasty, get down to business." It's EASY ......

Magpul FMG-9 平常就像一只大号点的手电筒,但如果你“在溜狗、倒垃圾、去信箱拿信时碰到任何问题”,只需一个小按钮,它就会马上弹开变成一只轻机枪。枪本身是一只标准的 Glock。如果你嫌拿着碍事儿,可以把手电筒的部份拿掉,变成一块黑色的长方形的板砖放在裤子口袋里“随时应付突发状况”。

Video: Transform! Samsung U700

It's an creative advertisement for samsung U700.

Cooooool !

I like robots. I like transformers.

11 March, 2008

Picture : I am watching you !!!

The boy in this picture is a prominent Chinese Internet star "小胖"

This picture can show you your current IP adress.

Look the funny face. 小胖 is watching you ^_^

06 March, 2008

Video : The Twist Ending of "I am Legend"

The sencond ending of "I am Legend"

All of them are saved by themselves. The freaks released them.  Interesting Ending ~

( make sure you are older than 18 years )

《我是传奇》DVD同时收录了两个结局。这个是:威尔·史密斯感化嗜血僵尸版 twist ending ^_^

05 March, 2008

Video : Snake( game ) on The Building !!!

Mmm... Look! The snake game is playing on a building.

Amazing! The person who organized this game is a genius.


03 March, 2008

Video : Food Fight

This clip simulates the human's war from World War II to international battles in the present.

Every kind of food stands for one country. You can see the United States, Germany, China...