24 December, 2008

Merry Christmas ~

呼~ 转眼就在Regina待了一年多了, 说长不长, 短呢也不短。
我人呢, 还是一直的老样子~

又是圣诞节了, 脑子里只响着这首歌:

16 December, 2008

Video: World War - 3D Animation @ University Of Hertfordshire 2008

Here: http://www.vincentch20.co.uk/

World War xx ,     Allies ? V.S. Japan ?

炸弹砸脑袋~ 子弹时间~ 金刚狼~  野蛮人旋风斩~ ......

21 October, 2008

20 October, 2008

Video: Chimpanzee Rides Segway ~

Nice Pan-kun (a famous chimpanzee performer in Japan)

More info: HERE

12 October, 2008

Video: Real Transformer : USAF F-35B

WoW ... Technology makes beauties ~

You also can see this awesome fighter's nice show in " Die Hard 4.0 ".

The clip in "Die Hard 4.0" :

10 October, 2008

Got "3" ~



Video: Lego Mindstorms NXT Fat Boy Bike (remote controlled, mostly like a real bike)

This LEGO bike is so cute ~ WoW ...

The actual controller looks like a handles of a real motor bike ^_^

08 October, 2008

Video: Trailer of " Dark Knight " ("Toy Story 2" Version)

One genius made this nice and funny trailer ~
Woody is the Joker ~ O_o

07 October, 2008

Video: The People in The Lilliput ~

Very cute ~ Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Videos ~

O_o Nice idea and effects !


18 September, 2008

Video: "Autobot,transform!" -- Citreon's Advertisements

Transformer is really a good source for promos ~ XD

13 September, 2008

Video: Advertisement of MINI Cooper Clubman (funny)

little flies and MINI Cooper ~

" At a fly funeral, a fly priest is holding an emotional sermon about the life and death of Zac, a member of the fly community. "

" The priest highlights Zac's death - a sensational death, the best death any fly could wish for: dying on the front-grille of a MINI Clubman. "

Video: "Quantum of Solace & Coke Zero" Trailer

The Coca-Cola Company and "007" Team worked together to show us a interesting trailer(could be an advertisement) about Quantum of Solace(the 22nd "007" movie) and Coca-Cola ~

Quantum of Solace will be shown on November 14th in North America.

09 September, 2008

Video: 500万伏特电击棒真人实验

O_o 真的假的呀???!!! 不过男主角长得真搞笑呀~ 哈哈......

05 September, 2008

Video: 汗! 巨“无敌”的越南版《西游记》和《还珠格格》

O_o 雷到山崩地裂~ 囧到海枯石烂~ (貌似言过了, 嘿嘿)




01 September, 2008

Video: New Trailer of Meizu M8 (Recorded by J.Wong)

At the beginning, Meizu M8 was called a clon of iPhone, but it got some different UI now.

Why is M8's release always deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelayed ?
Just for promotion and campaign ?

27 August, 2008

Video: The Wolrd of LOVE

Through the Google Earth, we can find variety of loving heart. Some of them are natural, and the others are man made.
Any way, we live in a world, which is surrounded by love !

Picture: World Map of IM Users

Which IM software do you currently use ?

For me, QQ, MSN, GTalk, Skype are standing by ~

Via: EQO.com

23 August, 2008

Picture: World Map for Tracing the Most Famous Trips in the World

For life, treasure, land, market, railway and so on, our human beings had finished a variety of trips. These famous trips let us know more about our earth and make our life more better.

This picture is combined by the most famous trips in the world.
Click link to see the flash : HERE

(I'm so proud of "The Old Silk Road" and "Search for The Yangtze River SRC".)

22 August, 2008

Video: Photosynth Demo (Powered by Microsoft)

What's that? Let's look at the clip below:

Go to: Photosynth.net and experience this amazing technology.

Science makes our life more beautiful and easy ~

21 August, 2008

Video: Innovative Band (Powered by Microsoft Surface)

What can we do if we own the Microsoft Surfaces ? How about building a band ?
Let's look at the clips ~


Drum Set:

Video: Wrath of The Lich King (New Trailer on Leipzig Games Convention)

Blizzard showed us a now trailer about Wrath of The Lich King on Leipzig Games Convention.
I like the Frost Wyrm in the clip ~

Mmm... When it's released, my classmates who are addicted to WOW will get new missions.
They are MAD lol... ( I cannot understand O_o )

Video: Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing Movie (promotional)

Wow ~ Maybe it could be the one can beat iPhone O_o The clip is very interesting.


20 August, 2008

09 August, 2008

Picture: 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

I'm so proud of my country !

(I repent that I was sleeping in that remarkable time lol...)

I found these photos from HERE .

01 August, 2008

29 July, 2008

Video: Transformers of 2008 Olympics (By "Stadium Astro" Channel)

lol... NICE !
Mmm... I think this Malaysian channel must like the Transformers so much ^_^

Here are another two clips of the channel:

27 July, 2008

Picture: Map of Silicon Valley (Combined by Trademarks)

^_^ via : HERE
But, where are Apple's and Google's trademarks ?
(Click the thumbnail to see the original picture)

25 July, 2008

Video: Journey to the East (Product of BBC)

"Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy head on a "Journey to the East" for BBC Sport this summer. This animated sequence, based on the classical Chinese novel, "Journey to the West", has been produced by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, the men behind virtual band Gorillaz."

BBC Link: here ^_^

13 July, 2008

Video: Red Alert III - New Trailer for new weapons and country

Instruction about the important member of war - Japan(I think so) and its weapons ~

12 July, 2008

Video: Mad about English !

"Don't be shy, just try!"
热情很高涨~效果怎么样? @_@

( The clip is telling us how enthusiastic the Beijing people are for learning English. )

11 July, 2008

Video: 2008 Olympic Trailer of "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"

Looks like a promotion advertisement of U.S. National Team... O_o

Picture: 2008 Olympics Schedule

Click on the picture to see the original big one ^_^

04 July, 2008

Video: Stupid "Dunk" O.o

It's crazy...  I think the girl was hurt. (look at the end of clip)

03 July, 2008

Video: Funny Advertisement - Talk Talk

Interesting clip ^_^  Great idea @_@

Video: LEGO Crossbow

O.O  Professional ~ (LEGO for Adults)

27 June, 2008

Video: Exciting RC Helicopter

Mmm...  "Practice makes perfect! "

24 June, 2008

Video: Amazing Rainbow

It's the first time I see the rainbow in U of R  ^_^  It's the most beautiful one I have seen !

(Ugh ! My iphone's camera is terrible @_@ )

Video: Oral Imitation Master O_o

Just a joke ......

23 June, 2008

Video: Be Happy

Any problem ? Don't be mad @_@

Look at these babies ^_^   Calm down, buddy. Just be happy ~~~

22 June, 2008

Video: Two Crazy Fighting Russian Grandmas

Oh...  Do not try to rile these grandmas...  O_o

18 June, 2008

17 June, 2008

Picture: Storm is Coming

How do the residents feel ?

Click the picture to see the original one ^_^

Video: Who Are The Murderers ?

^_^ A game for your mind

13 June, 2008

Picture: World Map of Global Prison Population


The data comes from official government sources.

Click the picture to see the original one ^_^

10 June, 2008

Video: Game of Dozen Nails

It's a simple physical theory  ^_^

uTorrent got 1000GB ^_^

Should I celebrate for this meaningful time ?

09 June, 2008

Picture: War In The World of Software

Click the picture to see the large one ^_^

Video: Popcorn Made by Signal of Cellphone

It is horrible!  lol......   I wanna throw my cellphone @_@

08 June, 2008

Happy Dragon Boat Festival !!!

Happy Dragon Boat Festival ! My parents, my friends and my classmates ^_^

Today is one of Chinese traditional festivals -- Dragon Boat Festival.  Did you eat rice dumplings ?

PS: I like eating the rice dumlpings within salted eggs ^_^ 

07 June, 2008

Video: What is a Friend?

A friend is someone who will compliment you.

A friend will cheer you up when you’re sad.

A friend will let you win sometimes.

A friend will remember your birthday.

A friend is fun to be with.

A friend will make you smile.

06 June, 2008

Video: Two Cute Marmots

When I was waiting for No. 4 bus in Riddel Centre, I found these cute marmots ^_^

PS: iPhoneVideoRecord is one of the perfect apps I'm using on iPhone.

29 May, 2008

Video: WAR (By Cigarettes)

Why do people like smoking? There are no doubt that smoking is not good for their health.

For me, I do not like smoking, drinking, and bet. It's true that I am a perfect man, isn't it?  @_@

28 May, 2008

Video: Two Stupid Crook of the Month (by LawyerShop)

Look at the clip, it's really funny. The two criminals was attacked by their own stones ......  @_@

I like the window in this video, its elasticity is pretty good ^_^

Video: The Evolution of Mobile Phones

We, human beings, have a very interesting story about our human evolution. 

How about the mobile phones? Please look at this clip ^_^

Video: I Believe I Can Fly ...

Something about the clip:

The actual wingsuit flight segments come from the film “Seven Sunny Days” by Matchstick Productions.

Flomerics’ EFD software was used to calculate the fluid flows and pressures that produce lift and drag forces that enable wingsuit fliers to glide with an extraordinary level of control that allows them to trace the contours of rock ledges and other obstacles from just a few feet away.

23 May, 2008

22 May, 2008

My BOSE Companion 5 ^_^

Good Speaker , Bad notebook's audio output equipment lol...

21 May, 2008

Video: Paint Balling (Love Sport)

Good Job ! This clip is very interesting. The effect of sound and the composition of whole animation are same as a real battle.

Look at the ending, let me think about some famous movies Band of Brothers & Full Metal Jacket .

19 May, 2008

18 May, 2008

Video: Fake Ceremony For Donation In South China

What the hell are they doing ?!  Are they real Chinese ?!  Can they be called teachers ?! 

I am ashamed for these people @_@

PS: The ceremony was held for the victims in earthquake of Si Chuan.

17 May, 2008

Picture: LIN Xiao's Brithday ^_^


DQ's icecream cake is pretty good, but it's too sweet @_@ (The most Canadians maybe like sweet food, such as the donuts -- oh, God! They are too sweet to kill me lol ...)

PS: How abnout the last picture?  It's Impressionism, right?  ^_^

Picture: Blue Bird Eggs


13 May, 2008

请建设性一点 (转帖)

文章来自 人渣经济笔记

个人觉得不错,所以贴了过来。   全文如下:




有人在指责政府行动迟缓。应急响应不是上网,点一下鼠标就行了。地震是下午两点半发生,根据新华网报道温家宝的飞机4点40已经在空中了,这中间总共只隔了两个小时。你去掉国家地震局和四川省至少得花点时间大致的搞清楚状况并往上汇报,你去掉去西郊机场路上还要花些时间, 这已经是相当快了。作为比较,911时8点45分第一架飞机撞入世贸大厦,布什9点31分在他视察的小学里发表了声明,这中间隔了45分钟。布什的空军一号起飞是10点,这中间隔了1个小时15分钟。对于自然灾害,卡里亚纳飓风8月29号登陆新奥儿良,布什8月31号才坐着空军一号在天上转了半个小时视察灾区。我觉得再去谴责中国政府反应迟缓,实在有点太吹毛求疵了。我们都生活在地球上,地球是有地球的物理规律的。 
























  通过短信捐款:中国移 动、中国联通手机用户以及中国电信、中国网通小灵通用户均可编辑短信1或2,发送至1069999301,即向“红十字救援行动”捐款1元钱或2元钱。

  通过短信咨询:中国移 动、中国联通手机用户以及中国电信、中国网通小灵通用户均可编辑短信“中国红十字会”,发送至12114,即可了解中国红十字会有关情况。


  地址: 北京市东城区东单北大街干面胡同53号



  户名: 中国红十字基金会

  开户银行: 中国银行北京分行

  账号: 800100921908091001






  账号: 800100086608091014

逝者如斯 - 悼念亡灵,祈福灾区






09 May, 2008

08 May, 2008

Picture: Cats and Dogs (fighting)

Attention! Attention! This is not the movie Cats and Dogs .

It's just a picture ^_^

Video: "James Bond" - Homeless James Bond @_@

The story is funny ^_^

Look at the beginning (lol ...) , I think it's better than the original.

They are creative.  ^_^

07 May, 2008

Video: Look at this, so do not be drunk !!! PLEASE ...

This guy was drunk & very pity.

( Most people would think they were other things when  they are drunk. )

So, he climbed on a bridge. (He might thought he was a monkey in that time.) When the cops wanted to rescue him from the danger, he jumped at a perfect amazing time.  lol ... ...

At last, I want to say:"DO NOT be drunk, please." 

Video: Shunshine In The Rain (Bodies Without Organs' MV)


Singer: Bodies Without Organs


When I'm in Berlin you're off to London 
When I'm in New York you're doing Rome 
All those crazy nights we spend together 
As voices on the phone 
Wishing we could be more telepathic 
Tired of the nights I sleep alone 
Wishing we could redirect the traffic 
And we find ourselves a home 
Can you feel the raindrops in the desert 
Have you seen the sunrays in the dark 
Do you feel my love when I'm not present 
Standing by your side while miles apart 
Sunshine in the rain 
Love is still the same 
Sunshine in the rain 
Sunshine in the rain 
Love is still the same 
Sunshine in the rain 

Even if we call the highest power 
We can only do one town a time 
Words are not enough action speaks louder 
Second time around 

Can you feel the raindrops in the desert 
Have you seen the sunrays in the dark 
Do you feel my love when I'm not present 
Standing by your side while miles apart 

Sunshine in the rain 
Love is still the same 
Sunshine in the rain 
Sunshine in the rain 
Love is still the same 
Sunshine in the rain 
Oh oh la la la 
Oh oh la la la 
When I'm in Berlin you're off to London 
When I'm in New York you're doing Rome 
All those crazy nights we spend together 
As voices on the phone 

Can you feel the raindrops in the desert 
Have you seen the sunrays in the dark 
Do you feel my love when I'm not present 
Standing by your side while miles apart 
Sunshine in the rain 
Love is still the same 
Sunshine in the rain 
Sunshine in the rain 
Love is still the same 
Sunshine in the rain 
Can you feel the raindrops in the desert 
Have you seen the sunrays in the dark 
Do you feel my love when I'm not present 
Standing by your side while miles apart 
Sunshine in the rain 
Love is still the same 
Sunshine in the rain 
Sunshine in the rain 
Love is still the same 
Sunshine in the rain

06 May, 2008

Video : Do You Know How A Heart Works ?

Beating Heart, designed by Billy Chasen.  

(The only word I want to say is "Disgusting", even though it's ture.)

25 April, 2008

Video: Snake (Human Version For This Famous Cellphone Game)

A human recreation of snakes. I think we should say "great work" to these creative people.

19 April, 2008

Poem: What Do You Want Us To Do ?

This article comes from  HERE


 When We were called Sick man of Asia, We were called The Peril.

 When We are billed to be the next Superpower, We are called The threat.

 When We were closed our doors, You smuggled Drugs to Open Markets.

 When We Embrace Freed Trade, You blame us for Taking away your jobs.

 When We were falling apart, You marched in your troops and wanted your fair share.

 When We were putting the broken peices together again, Free Tibet you screamed, it was an invasion!

  (When Woodrow Wilson Couldnt give back Birth Place of Confucius back to Us, But He did bought a ticket for the Famine Relief Ball for us.)

 So, We Tried Communism, You hated us for being Communists.

 When We embrace Capitalism, You hate us for being Capitalist.

 When We have a Billion People, you said we were destroying the planet.

 When We are tried limited our numbers, you said It was human rights abuse.

 When We were Poor, You think we are dogs.

 When We Loan you cash, You blame us for your debts.

 When We build our industries, You called us Polluters.

 When we sell you goods, You blame us for global warming.

 When We buy oil, You called that exploitation and Genocide.

 When You fight for oil, You called that Liberation.

 When We were lost in Chaos and rampage, You wanted Rules of Law for us.

 When We uphold law and order against Violence, You called that Violating Human Rights.

 When We were silent, You said you want us to have Free Speech.

 When We were silent no more, You say we were Brainwashed-Xenophoics.

 Why do you hate us so much? We asked.

 No, You Answered, We dont hate You.

 We don't Hate You either, But Do you understand us?

 Of course We do, You said, We have AFP, CNN and BBCs What do you really want from us?

 Think Hard first

— Posted by a silent silent chinese




























高唱:“这是英雄的祖国,生我们养我们的地方 ... ... ”

Widget : VidUp - Uploader for Youtube

You can upload your clips to Youtube by using this nice widget. That means you do not need to go to the direct website - Youtube. It's easy and convenient.

16 April, 2008

No Title



I have all things, which you cannot find in other places;

I can find all things, which you lost in other places.

14 April, 2008

13 April, 2008

Video: "I have 3, PS3's"

OMFG! @_@...

Now, the only thing I want to do is beating him~~~

Picture : Naked Man (a new hero of world ^_^)

He's a child. He's a genius. 

12 April, 2008

28 March, 2008

Twitter ^_^

I joined twitter today. My address is twitter.com/wao1201 .

I will be glad about you joining in twitter and follow me.  ^_^

24 March, 2008

Video: Show of iPhone Drummer

Amazing Phone, Interesting App(Drummer) ^_^

Tomorrow Is Another Day

I am so sad today because I failed my last semester. My study plan is ruined totally.

In contrast, it means a new future is coming. I must be ready for it!

PS: ESL is shit and hell, definetely.

Video: Safety = Life

In 2010, motorcycle gear manufacturer Dainese will release protective suits outfitted with airbags.

The players' lives could be protected from some accidents.

19 March, 2008

Video: Big Dog(Robot) form Boston Dynamics

Big Dog is, the most herrible robot I have saw, beening developed by Boston Dynamics.

It walk and run as humans.  It can easily walk in many poor conditions like icy road or ramp. Although it is hit by humans, it can keep being in a balance.

I think it will be realized very soon that  the robots will join the wars in the future. Robots will not only show their skills in Sci-Fi movies, but also show them in the real world.

13 March, 2008

12 March, 2008

Video: Flashlight ? FMG-9(submachine gun) !

This thing ordinarily disguised as a flashlight. A touch of a button lets you pull a Megatron and flip out a fully-functional submachine gun. If you don't want either, the whole thing can folds into a back-pocket sized brick.

As the demo dude says, if it "gets nasty, get down to business." It's EASY ......

Magpul FMG-9 平常就像一只大号点的手电筒,但如果你“在溜狗、倒垃圾、去信箱拿信时碰到任何问题”,只需一个小按钮,它就会马上弹开变成一只轻机枪。枪本身是一只标准的 Glock。如果你嫌拿着碍事儿,可以把手电筒的部份拿掉,变成一块黑色的长方形的板砖放在裤子口袋里“随时应付突发状况”。

Video: Transform! Samsung U700

It's an creative advertisement for samsung U700.

Cooooool !

I like robots. I like transformers.

11 March, 2008

Picture : I am watching you !!!

The boy in this picture is a prominent Chinese Internet star "小胖"

This picture can show you your current IP adress.

Look the funny face. 小胖 is watching you ^_^

06 March, 2008

Video : The Twist Ending of "I am Legend"

The sencond ending of "I am Legend"

All of them are saved by themselves. The freaks released them.  Interesting Ending ~

( make sure you are older than 18 years )

《我是传奇》DVD同时收录了两个结局。这个是:威尔·史密斯感化嗜血僵尸版 twist ending ^_^

05 March, 2008

Video : Snake( game ) on The Building !!!

Mmm... Look! The snake game is playing on a building.

Amazing! The person who organized this game is a genius.


03 March, 2008

Video : Food Fight

This clip simulates the human's war from World War II to international battles in the present.

Every kind of food stands for one country. You can see the United States, Germany, China...



24 February, 2008

Video : Modern Broadcasting Gymnastics in China

Amazing dancing !  Perfect broadcasting gymnastics !

This boy is a student of No. 12 Middle School in Xinjiang Province, China. He is a genius.


23 February, 2008

21 February, 2008

Video : I wanna be the guy !!! (Game)

We can find many videos about various version of metamorphosis Super Mario.

Today, I find an unbelievable version  lol...

Name :  I wanna be the guy

If you really want to be the crazy guy, you can go to HERE to download and play.

变态版的Super Mario游戏我们已经见过不少,只是不知有几个试着下载去玩。如果你喜欢挑战这种超高难度的游戏,不妨试试这款I wanna be the guy。多说无用,看看这段演示视频,你就知道它是不是变态了。

20 February, 2008

Video : Shaolin Kungfu for Your Balls

Honestly, the origin of Kungfu is Shaolin Temple.

These various Kungfu could protect your whole body even your balls(for men)!

果然真的是天下武功出少林呀! 武装到“牙齿”了^_^

Update : This is another version. Please notice the translation of subtitles -- "Egg Skill"  lol......

                 这是另外一个版本,翻译太搞笑啦(Egg Skill ...)

Update : I am sorry the first video clip was deleted by GOOGLE.

However, I find two another related video clips ^_^

19 February, 2008

Video : Do Not Use Microwave to Heat the Pure Water

五天以前我一位朋友决定要泡一杯即溶咖啡,他将一杯水放在微波炉加热(这种动作他曾经做过无数次了),我不确定他设定加热几分钟 ?但他告诉我他要水加热到沸腾的程度,当微波炉加热完毕,他将那杯水拿出来,当他看了那杯水后他发现水并没有沸腾,但就在那瞬间,那杯水在他的脸上爆开来,杯子保持完好无缺,直到他将那杯水丢出手中,但由于庞大的能量使得所有的水都飞溅到他的脸上,他整个脸上都起了水泡并且至少有1度及2度的灼伤,而可能留下水泡的痕迹且他的左眼也可能会损失部份的视力,在医院中,他的主治医师说这是相当普遍的意外事件, "水绝对不能在微波炉中单独加热 " ,如果要用这种方法加热水,杯子里应该放些东西,例如:木制的搅伴棒或茶包等的东西,来帮助扩散能量,无论如何将水放在茶壶内烹煮会是较安全的加热方式。不只是水,纯液体都会突然滚沸。


The pure water could explode if you would heat it by useing microwave !

If you really want to do that, you should put something like a spoon in the water.

Tips : The thing you put in the water can help the heat releasing from the water.

10 February, 2008

Video : List of Deity (封神榜)



      集数:五集 国语
      制作方: 陕西电视台、西安金秋影视制作公司
      主演演员:苏妲已-梁丽 纣王-张续成 姜子牙-唐远之
      说过影视《封神榜》,大家熟悉的都是蓝天野版和香港的一个版本,却极少人知道历                      史上大陆还拍过梁丽版封神榜,大概1989年播的,但不如为何很早就销声匿迹了!
      该版可能是因纣王与妲已的酷刑过于恐怖,而被禁播,幸而有热心影迷保存了一部                          录影带,使得我们又能一睹尊容,至于此片是否过于暴力或色情,那也是见仁见智                          了!


05 February, 2008

Video: Usavich (越狱兔)


Usavich -  All episodes ^_^